Episode 2

Published on:

5th Nov 2021

Episode 2: BA Shields and Getting Started in Business

This episode features the host's business: BA Shields.

BA Shields is the leading business in the fire service for limited visibility and blackout training as well as provides the only non-consumable, ergonomic SCBA lens protection on the market, as well as being owned and operated by firefighters.

This episode dives into how Cody and Pat started the business, what owning and scaling is like, and a kick in the pants for those who have objections to business and starting something from scratch.

Join the crew as they discuss Brotherhood, and business!

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About the Podcast

Brotherhood And Business
Connecting First Responders to Entrepreneurship
The podcast that connects you to other first responders and veterans who have taken the leap and started their own businesses while still serving the public.

Have you ever thought of starting your own business but been curious how to do it? Maybe you've started a business and are having trouble with scaling, marketing, legal, or supply chain.

In this podcast we'll connect you right to some of your favorite businesses within the already tight knit brotherhood and sisterhood, and give you the information and confidence to succeed as an entrepreneur!

About your hosts

Pat Case

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Pat is a 15 year veteran of the fire service, and is currently a career firefighter for the Sparks Fire Department in Sparks, NV. Originally a Minnesota native, Pat got his start working for the Mankato Fire Department, and as an EMT and eventually a Paramedic with Mayo Clinic Medical Transport.

Pat has a degree in Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis from MSU in Mankato and has a strong background in sales.

In his spare time, Pat enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids and enjoying the outdoors, including 4 wheeling and competition shooting.

Fun Fact: Pat originally had a mobile sound and lighting business which he used to DJ for. Pat is also an avid musician.

Andy Mann

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